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Kumaja is a network of social welfare and health organisations operating in the Uusimaa county. When working together as a network, these non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are able to enhance their cooperation and have an impact on how the health, social services and regional government reform are planned and implemented.

Together as a network, the NGOs

  • enhance and develop their cooperation.
  • can have an impact on the planning of the health, social services and regional government reform.
  • can have an impact on the planning, implementation and evaluation of services and service chains in the Uusimaa county and the municipalities within it.
  • can offer the public sector information about the activities, services and experimental expertise the NGOs can offer.
  • can offer the public sector the right NGO partners to plan, implement and evaluate the services offered by the county and the municipalities.
  • can share information to the general public about their activities and opportunities to get involved in the organisations and their voluntary work.

In the Finnish language, kumaja is a poetical way of describing the sound of bells. United the voice of the organizations and the people tolls!

The project

The Kumaja network is being built during the project which will last until the end of year 2020. The project is a part of the national Järjestö 2.0 – Järjestöt mukana muutoksessa programme funded by the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA).

Read more about STEA funding:

”Sote” reform

The health and social services (”sote”) are going to be reformed and at the same time a new level of regional government will be formed.

What will change?

  • The ’sote’ reform will reshape the structure, services and funding of health and social services. New regional government will be established to take responsibility for certain services previously organised by municipalities.
  • After the reform, the counties will have responsibility for organising health and social services. Municipalities, on the other hand, will still be responsible for promoting health and wellbeing.


Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

Uusimaa county is home to over 3,000 social and health NGOs whose main goal is to promote health and wellbeing.

NGOs make a difference:

  • NGOs’ activities increase people’s wellbeing and sense of community.
  • NGOs have knowledge, know-how and experimental expertise that can be used in the planning and implementation of health and social services.
  • Non-profit voluntary work and peer support are an invaluable addition to the services provided by the public sector.
  • Many NGOs have an important role in representing groups of people that otherwise would often not be heard in public discussion.

Contact Us

Email addresses: firstname.lastname@kumaja.fi

  • Jaana Pirhonen
    Jaana Pirhonen Project Manager

    jaana.pirhonen (a) kumaja.fi
    044 734 3056

    Helsinki office
    IIRIS – Marjaniementie 74
    00930 Helsinki

  • Elisa Lipponen
    Elisa Lipponen Specialist (NGOs, networking)

    elisa.lipponen (a) kumaja.fi
    044 734 3120

    Eastern Uusimaa office
    IIRIS – Marjaniementie 74
    00930 Helsinki

Postal Address

  • Kumaja
    PO Box 60
    00030 IIRIS

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